Переносной ударный маркировщик Mobile-marker

  • Артикул: lsrtx-592
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Видео обзор товара Переносной ударный маркировщик Mobile-marker

 - For marking large, stationary parts - Lightweight: only 3.65 kg (including controls) - For very deep markings of metals and other materials - Operation via 7“ graphic display with touchscreen or PC software possible - Intuitive user interface - Marking preview possible - Marking space 110x30mm - Optionally with support for operation as a tabletop unit - Customised zero point can be set - Parameter database for marking various materials - The highest marking quality even with high marking speed - Logos, graphics, figures, consecutive numberings and round sets - Simple importation of graphics - Granting of customised rights of use possible

The portable Mobile Marker impact marker is especially well suited to marking large, bulky parts made of metal and other materials. A lightweight among impact markers at 3.65 kg, it can be carried to the parts to be marked without any problem and can be positioned flexibly.

The pneumatic drive ensures permanently deep markings.

Thanks to the touchscreen and the 7“ graphic display, the hand-held marker is programmed extremely conveniently. Owing to the intuitive user interface of the Mobile Marker, marking jobs are programmed, saved and accessed at any time quickly and easily.

Mark logos, graphics, texts, figures, consecutive numberings and round sets in perfect impact marking quality. If necessary, the hand-held marker can also be programmed using PC software and deployed as a tabletop unit with an optionally available support.

This ensures that marking small parts is also accomplished conveniently.


Thus, with the Mobile Marker you are always flexible.

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