Видеокроулер Trax 100 MicroMag

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Компактный роботизированный комплекс с магнитным держателем. Использование такого принципа сцепления с поверхностью позволяет использовать прибор на вертикальных металлических конструкциях Кроулер может быть оснащен дополнительными исследовательскими модулями: ультразвуковым и вихретоковым 

The MG ™ mobile robotic inspection vehicle is compact, waterproof and magnetic. It can be rapidly deployed for many applications that exclude most ordinary ROV's.

The MG™ visual inspection system has been engineered to deliver vivid color video footage in real-time while travelling almost any direction on ferrous metal surfaces. This unique remotely operated device is steerable on vertical, horizontal and inverted plains even when piloted underwater.

The standard MG™ crawler is equipped with a flat aluminum chassis, a powerful rare earth magnet component, a pair of rugged aluminum MT™ and an industrial SP ™ pan / tilt camera that boasts six high intensity LED lights. Two variable intensity halogen lamps provide bright auxiliary lighting when required.

As with all Inuktun remote visual tools, MG™ Operators will appreciate the portable controller, intuitive software interface and familiar joy-sticks. MicroMag™ Technicians will value the abrasion resistant multi-conductor tether that supports system modification and sensor integration. MG™ Owners will applaud the obvious craftsmanship, high reliable up-times and low total cost of ownership. 

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